Thursday, May 13, 2010

Medical Writing Goes Digital

040420101278I’ve been doing Digital Storytelling for more than a decade. What new could be done in the field of medical electronics writing?

Digital has been growing exponentially for 15 years now. But where’s the education that supports further development? How many medical writers are there in the Finnish blogosphere blogging about the healthcare industry?

We could create a team blogging about a medical startups. In three months, the project team has to come up with an idea for a Web-based business support operation, pitch it to a venture capitalist and design a site.

Along with technology and creative skills, the program also needs to emphasize entrepreneurship. The digital platform is ubiquitous. Today, it’s just a part of everyone’s way of thinking and communicating and sharing, connecting, buying, doing business.

It’s probably the fastest-paced industry almost anybody could be in right now.

  • we can help to create digital marketing strategies for the medical industry
  • we want to transform a technology-focused approach to a practical, easy to handle working model
  • learning the newest technologies on the job takes time while digital content development is time-consuming
  • copywriters and art directors will help the teams to churn out portfolios of creative concepts

We’ve to ensure that the clients are getting what they needed to grow and develop, especially in areas that combine creative approaches and technology.

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