Sunday, January 18, 2009

Close to Customers and Healthcare Professionals

I work with a major strategy change. Blogging from "one to many" does only a part of the work. It's very important to get into a dialog with healthcare professionals around the world. We need more specific information about the national and regional differences.

Welcome to Talk Medical, a new service from News-Medical.Net. This is one of the networks were we've the possibility to interact with global healthcare professionals. I also joined The Medical Writers Network.

What can we do or learn from these networks? There are plenty of them. First, it's important to find relevant forums that are in line with our goals. Second, we've to create content in these groups and forums that is relevant for the readers. Blogs can be used as input tools.

Talk Medical says, "Please feel free to use this service to post relevant news from your organization or company, post events you are involved in or feel would be of interest to the wider community, blog to your heart's content on current health issues, whether they be mainstream news or the latest journal articles or simply just health stories you'd like to share with the world."

Ultimately the more we all use Talk Medical, the more useful it will become for all.

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