Saturday, January 17, 2009

Redesigning Strategy

Hi guys,

Since long, 2004 or something like that, I decided to enter the blogosphere and start penning down my thoughts. What started as a random and sporadic writing, has lead to a systematic use of Web 2.0 applications for business purposes. I have been since 2006 a medical blogger.

Believe me, anonymity has got its own advantages, but that's not the case for companies with great products and or services. They need to get out their message. Many companies are anonymous or very little known on Internet.

Nevertheless, blogs and social media doesn't solve all the business 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 communication problems. The big issue is, however, how to reach the decision makers, potential buyers, thought leaders, early adopters, innovative change agents.

What are your thoughts?

This blog started with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as the main topic. We're now redesigning the outlook and focusing on aspects that we think are of interest for the medical and healthcare community.
  1. We want to talk with doctors, nurses, specialists and administrators
  2. We are looking for new partners to sell diagnostic devices and methods
  3. We're going to start a Medical Network for collaboration
The goal is to get into talking terms with global players in the field of medical technology and innovations. More about this in the coming weeks.
  1. It's important to learn more about the differences in national and regional markets
  2. Getting closer to people and decision makers eager to make changes and improvements
  3. Finding people and organizations who are ready for change and innovation
Change management and bridge building are not easy tasks, but we learn by doing.


mary said...

Hi, I'm very interested in creating a forum for people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I've recently started a blog with this aim:, and I'd be happy to contribute as a guest writer.


Helge V. Keitel said...

Mary, good to know. I will go to your blog and be in touch with you soon.