Monday, September 15, 2008

The Doctor Everyone blog

I did find this blogger from Canada that we could cooperate with. I'll write to Doctor Everyone and discuss cooperation concerning CTS diagnostics and the potential for One Stop Clinics in Canada and North America.

Doctor Everyone: "Most people have to search long and hard to find real success ... solving serious and everyday health problems. Wouldn't you like to know every possible medical and holistic health option available to you?

Everyone has important health knowledge to share. People share health tips and stories with friends and family all the time. There is no better way to get the facts than from other real people who have had similar health conditions ... and found solutions. These health stories can give hope to fellow sufferers as well as helping other people look for the early signs of an illness. What Dr. is trying to do is to get all of this collective knowledge available and easy for others to find.

Dr. Everyone will be a place where you can get answers to your most important health questions and a place to share your health successes."

Here's your chance!

Share your health experience. Take our survey today and become a Charter Member of Dr. Everyone, when we go live in mid October... and help make a difference.

Name Bo
Location Toronto, Can. & Stuart, FL Web
Bio Internet Entrepeneur - interested in health issues
Recently Reviewed another article for Can Eating Organic Lower My Risk of Cancer?... can't wait to go 'LIVE' with site...

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