Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Veijo Lesonen supports the one stop clinic model

Neurophysilogist Veijo Lesonen is the brain behind the mobile mediracer nerve conductivity measuring device for carpal tunnel diagnosis.

We had the opportunity talk at the Scandinavian Hand Surgery Days in Helsinki about future strategies of Mediracer Oy and the possibilities of One Stop Clinics for carpal tunnel diagnosis and hand surgery.

Hand surgeons agree that these mobile devices should or could be distributed to local hospitals or general practitioners.

Activity Based Costing calculations certainly support the benefits of the one stop concept but Mediracer still has a lot to do to get the message to decision makers.

I spoke with several hand surgeons during my visit to Helsinki. The message was quite clear: continue to inform and educate the decision makers. The one stop clinic idea is very good, hand surgeons understand the benefits, but more collaboration between university hospitals and the local hospitals (Terveyskeskus in Finnish) is needed.

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