Saturday, August 30, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome compared to visiting a dentist

This time I'm writing about something that can be compared to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome diagnostic and hand surgery. Think about the way dentists are operating. They have the diagnostic tools in house and the provide the operational services at the same spot.

What about CTS? First patients go to General Practitioners, their personal doctor, and in case of a problem in their hand, the GP sends the patient to an EMG-laboratory. There is a long waiting time before the CTS-problem is diagnosed. Next in line is to wait for the hand surgery. Why don't we do this like the dentists do? All at one spot, YES. That's the way hand problems should be taken care off.

Mediracer has been a partner in this innovative project where Blue Sky Orthopedics is already doing it the right way. BSO is an One Stop Clinic. That's the way CTS should be treated on a global scale.

When are we ready to produce the video Future of CTS?

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