Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Biennial Meeting of the Scandinavian Hand Society in Helsinki, Finland

Welcome - Congreszon: "Welcome. The organizing committee has a pleasure to invite you to the Biennial Meeting of the Scandinavian Hand Society in Helsinki, Finland. The meeting is organized by the Finnish Society for Surgery of the Hand and the Finnish Society of Hand Therapists.

The congress venue is located at a comfortable seaside congress hotel just five kilometres from the city centre. The guest speakers represent the most innovative hand surgeons, scientists and hand therapists of recent years in Europe.

The main topics are selected from the themes that have shown the most advancement and innovations or controversy. Instructional courses will be prepared with special reference to our resident members.

A special afternoon for the workshops will be arranged on Wednesday afternoon before the get together party. We are sure that you will bring home lots of new ideas and warm memories from Helsinki."

I'll write more about this event. Mediracer is participating. Detailed information about Mediracer Ltd's role and participation is available through:

Seppo Nevalainen
Sales Director
Mediracer Ltd.
Teknologiabulevardi 3-5
01530 Vantaa
Mobile: +358 40 5018875

Organizing committee

  • Jarkko Vasenius, chairman (
  • Jouni Havulinna
  • Taneli Haapaniemi
  • Yrjänä Nietosvaara
  • Heidi Miettinen
  • Pasi Paavilainen
  • Tove Palmgren
  • Irmeli Parjo
  • Jorma Ryhänen
  • Hanna Uusitalo
  • Eero Waris
  • Anna Viinikainen

Scientific committee

  • Jouni Havulinna
  • Yrjänä Nietosvaara
  • Timo Raatikainen
  • Jarkko Vasenius
  • Martti Vastamäki
  • Simo Vilkki

Scientific committee (Therapists)

  • Kirsi Karjalainen
  • Riitta Keponen
  • Marisa Nikkonen
  • Pirjo Peurala
  • Tarja Rantala
  • Sanna Rautakorpi

Main Topics

Distal radius fractures

  • CMC I problems
  • CRPS
  • Microsurgery
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Spastic hand
  • Surgery of the growing hand
  • Wrist instability

Guest speakers

  • Tim Davis, MD, UK

  • Jan Fridén, MD, Sweden

  • Marc Garcia-Elias, MD, Spain,

  • Maarit Gockel, MD, Finland

  • Lise-Lotte Hermansson, OT Sweden

  • Karin Holzer, OT, Austria

  • Rolf Habenicht, MD, Germany

  • Heli Lagus, MD, Finland

  • Marisa Nikkonen, OT, Finland

  • Tage Orenius, Psychologist, Finland

  • Margareta Persson, OT, Sweden

  • Francisco de Pinal, MD, Spain

  • John Stanley, MD, UK

  • Oili Tomminen, OT, Finland

  • Griet van Veldhoven, OT, OE, Norge

  • Simo Vilkki, MD, Finland

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