Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Writing and Wellsphere

Thanks, Geoffrey W. Rutledge MD, PhD, It's always nice to know if someone is "reading" or "listening".

"Healthcare organizations face unprecedented financial pressure to reduce their costs of delivering care. At the same time, demand for improved quality and safety of patient care has never been greater. The Institute of Medicine reported that medical errors cause up to 98,000 deaths per year," writes Rutledge on this page (First Consulting Group).

Hi Helge,

I was searching for the best medical bloggers when I discovered your blog at I want to tell you I think your writing is fantastic -- I really liked your post on , “Scissor guards against carpal tunnel syndrome”. My name is Dr. Geoff Rutledge, and I've taught and practiced Internal and Emergency Medicine for over 25 years at Harvard and Stanford medical schools. I'm also the Chief Medical Information Officer at Wellsphere (, where we are building a network of the web’s leading health bloggers, and I think you would be a great addition.

Wellsphere is a fast growing, next-generation online platform that is revolutionizing the way people find and share health and healthy living information and services. Our platform connects millions of users with the valuable insights and knowledge from health leaders and knowledgeable writers like you.

We are now launching a new health community on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and I would like to invite you to be a featured blogger for this community. By joining our network of hundreds of leading health and healthy living bloggers, you will be in great company, and will benefit from exposure to the expanded audience of the Wellsphere community. When you join, we also will feature you on our very popular WellBlog (, with a link back to your blog.

We will republish the postings you’ve already written for you (through your RSS feed), and feature them not only on the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome community pages of the site, but also within a new dynamic magazine-like Wellsphere360 section, where we give users a comprehensive view of expert information, news, videos, local resources, and member postings on topics you write about. Your profile page on the site will give you special status as a featured blogger in the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome community. If you are an active contributor, we also will feature you on our homepage at

By connecting to the Wellsphere platform, you will greatly expand the audience for your postings and attract additional readers to your blog. Also, your posts will link back to your blog, so you will benefit from Wellsphere's high ranking and large readership interested in your topic, which will give you more traffic, additional relevant audience, and a higher ranking for your blog.

If you would like to be a featured blogger in the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome community, just send me an email to You can see a sample of a Wellsphere360 special section at

Good health,



Geoffrey W. Rutledge MD, PhD

Chief Medical Information Officer

Wellsphere, Inc.


Dr. Rutledge joins FCG as vice president and leader of the Clinical Transformation practice. He served as vice president of Business Development and Clinical Informatics at WebMD, and executive director of WebMD, Canada. Previously, Dr. Rutledge co-founded the Emergency Medicine Program at Harvard Medical School's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He holds Doctorates in Medicine from McGill University and in Medical Information Sciences from Stanford University and is board certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. "FCG's pioneering work in patient safety, evidence-based clinical practices, organizational redesign and systems implementation has given our team a unique skill set to deliver services that increase the efficiency of the care delivered by our client organizations. I am delighted to lead this FCG team in the creation and implementation of exceptional, custom-tailored clinical-transformation services," said Dr. Rutledge.

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FCG is a leading provider of consulting, technology, and outsourcing services for health-care, pharmaceutical, and other life-sciences organizations throughout North America and Europe. The firm's services increase clients' operations effectiveness, resulting in reduced costs, improved customer service, enhanced quality of patient care, and more rapid introduction of new pharmaceutical compounds. For more information about FCG, see, or call 800-345-0957.

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