Thursday, July 3, 2008

Carpal tunnel syndrome 18 week commissioning

Carpal tunnel syndrome: "Carpal tunnel syndrome Orthopaedic commissioning pathways. The information and links below have been developed to support the implementation of the 18 week commissioning pathway for the carpal tunnel syndrome pathway.

These links will also be helpful for other pathways/specialties and can be read in conjunction with the commissioning pathways or on their own. They are specifically aimed at supporting local implementation of good practice, to improve efficiency, reduce delays, and improve quality of service provision in a safe and effective way.

We will continue to update these pages, and the 18 week commissioning pathways, with more examples of good practice as they emerge. If you have a good practice example that you would like to share please use the submission form here."
  • Mediracer is used to speed up CTS diagnostics
  • Blue Sky Orthopaedics provides a complete service
  • More news about UK in coming posts

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