Monday, June 30, 2008 about Internet Impact "How Does the Internet Impact Consumer Behavior, June 28, 2008".

There was a story about computer use and carpal tunnel syndrome in the Finnish business daily Kauppalehti today. I stumbled upon Chris Brogan's blog "How Does Internet Impact Consumer Behavior."

My first thought was that Kauppalehti is a printed business daily. But the point is, I did read and blog about the story from the electronic version. I do occasionally read the paper version, but the electronic one on a daily basis.

He writes, "My friend, Rachelle, from Fleishmann-Hillard sent me this release about her European offices’ recent work on understanding how the Internet affects consumer behavior in Europe."

Key findings:
  • The Internet beats TV two to one on influence, and eight to one over print.

  • People ask other people for personal purchase advice, but for airline tickets and stuff, they prefer the corporate sites.

  • Only 28% of people trust the information they read online, and yet 66% say the web helps them make better decisions. Huh?

  • No surprise: different parts of Europe use the web differently: Germany uses more search; the UK has more social networking interest.
The Influence Index posting:

The rapid rise, changing nature, and increasing influence of the internet should cause marketers to think differently about the entire media and marketing landscape,” stated George Terhanian, president of Harris Interactive Europe. “By taking into account consumers’ evolving preferences, needs, and desires, and balancing the beneficial use of personal data with the concerns consumers have for privacy, marketers can deliver more -- and more effectively -- for their customers in the online age.”

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