Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mr Adrian Chojnowski, a consultant hand surgeon at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Yesterday, at Technopolis Helsinki-Vantaa, I had a long talk with Seppo Nevalainen, Director Sales & Marketing at Mediracer Ltd., about how to penetrate the European market with a low cost and portable method for carpal tunnel diagnostics.

UK is one of the target markets due to very good results at the Leicester University Hospital.

"The British-Finnish CTS-collaboration has produced excellent results. As you know, princess Anne from the Royal family visited the 'CTS One-Stop Clinic' run by Blue Sky Orthopedic. Their service has received high-profile attention for an innovative approach including nerve conduct testing and surgery at the same clinic. But we as an organization have tons of work to do to get this message to general practitioners, hospital and health care administrators and occupational health service providers," Seppo Nevalainen explains.

Princess Anne, the patient and Mr Pankaj Pathak with Mediracer Device in his hand are seen in this picture.

The patient at the right (see hand and electrodes) is ready for testing with Mediracer.
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Portable
  • GP's and nurses can use
  • Suitable for occupational health
(Operating Nurse Malcolm Clarke, Mr Timothy Green are not seen in this picture)

Blue Sky Orthopaedic Ltd arose as a direct result of the success of the Carpal Tunnel Service set up in Leicester, UK in 1999.

The service, specializing in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was an overwhelming success, leading to interest from other centers that wanted to duplicate the service.

The group of clinicians, Malcom Clarke, Chris Kershaw, Tim Green, Martyn Newey and Pankaj Pathak felt they could offer something unique. A more formal organisation was required and so Blue Sky Orthopaedic was set up in December 2003, to provide surgical and medical services.

"Mediracer and Blue Sky Orthopedic have established a close collaboration over the years. Now this concept 'should or could' be adopted by new locations with a similar operational model. We can provide patients faster diagnostics. Mobile CTS diagnostics can be taken to work sites for mass screening as well," Director Seppo Nevalainen explains.

We also discussed the challenge of penetrating the European and global market.

"Mediracer needs to find motivated and specialized partners who know the health care market, neurophysiological testing devices and hand surgery. First, we have a lot of work still in the Nordic countries, Balticum, UK and Central Europe. The global challenge is waiting behind the next corner," says Mr Nevalainen.

Doctor Chojnowsky is based at Norfolk and Norwich University NHS Trust Hospital in Norwich

Seppo Nevalainen, I found this video on the NHS Choices website and thought you'd be interested. About three in 100 people have carpal tunnel syndrome: pain, tingling or numbness in the hand, which can cause sleepless nights. Exercises and medication can help reduce the discomfort, but often surgery is the only option.

This short video from NHS Choices (September 2007) caught my interest. Doctor Adrian Chojnowsky is explaining the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, including hand surgery, in a 03:42 minutes video.

We should asked Mr Adrian Chojnowski, a consultant hand surgeon at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust, Norwich, what he would want to know if he had Mediracer for fast carpal tunnel syndrome diagnostic.

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