Saturday, May 24, 2008

Benjamins Personal Blog about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I started this blog about carpal tunnel syndrome and diagnostics with the portable Mediracer in September 2007, and noticed Benjamin Meyer's blog from Monday, November 25, 2002 "Dealing with Carpal Tunnel." He advices "heavy computer users" to arrange and consider the ergonomics of their computing environment.

Benjamin's Personal Blog: Search results for carpal tunnel: "Take a look at your computer area and see what you can change. Making simple changes to your computer area and remembering to take breaks from long periods at the computer (such as walking around and get some blood flowing) will go a long way. The past computer setup I had hurt my hands and I will pay for that the rest of my life. However I am not going to cause them further injury.

"The only times the pain comes back to my hands is when I am working with power tools for a long time, peeling a lot of potato's or some other repetitive task, but as soon as it starts to hurt I immediately stop and rest my wrists. My hands aren't pain free, but I can't remember the last time I had pain in my wrists because of my computer."

Benjamin writes in his blog, "I have never actually been diagnosed with having carpal tunnel, but I do believe that I was headed down that road."

I'd like to know if Benjamin has been successful with his carpal tunnel avoidance strategy. There was only one blog posting about CTS in his blog since 2001.

- Benjamin, how are you doing?

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