Monday, May 5, 2008

Mediracer Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Measurement

Neurological Methods. With traditional devices, orthodromic sensory conduction velocities were measured from the index (median) and ring fingers (median nerve plus ulnar nerve), as well as sensory conduction velocities of the median and ulnar palm to wrist segment.

Finally, median and ulnar distal motor latencies were examined (Measurements were made using Keypoint® 4 and Keypoint® Portable, Medtronic, Skovlunde, Denmark).

The new device uses two self adhesive, disposable hydrogel electrodes. Tests are made on the ring finger, which is innervated by both median and ulnar nerves plus the index finger, where there is pure median nerve innervation.

The handpiece attaches to the electrodes and has an automatic menu for the operator. Sixty-four stimuli are sent over a thirty-five second test period and recorded at the wrist. The data is sent by a Bluetooth® connection to a laptop computer where the results are recorded in real time.

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