Monday, January 21, 2008

Operations cancelled as NHS runs out of money - Health - Times Online

Helge: The Times article about NHS running out of money. Learned about it from a UK healthcare blog. This article was written a year ago. How are things today? Any improvement?

Operations cancelled as NHS runs out of money - Health - Times Online: "No patients will be given a hospital appointment in less than eight weeks, and none admitted for elective surgery unless they have waited a minimum of 12 to 16 weeks. Those treated quicker will not be paid for.

The trust also announced the immediate suspension of treatments for varicose veins, wisdom teeth, X-rays of the back, operations for carpal tunnel syndrome, bunions, arthroscopy of the knee, and grommets for the ear, among others.

“We fully appreciate the difficulties that the introduction of these measures entail,' Dr Soo-Chung's letter says. 'However, the financial position of the PCT is such that there is absolutely no alternative to this programme if we are to avoid even more difficult decisions in the near future.'

Helge: What about early diagnostics and treatment? Mediracer could help to cut costs and to assist occupational health people and employers to react to CTS at an early stage.

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