Thursday, January 24, 2008

HealthBlog : UK National Health Service: locked and loaded for the next 60 years

Searching and googling for doctors blogging. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnostics and mediracing is a narrow specialty. I know that blogging is popular in US. Europe is coming online a little later. We would like to learn more about the health care bloggers in UK and EU.

HealthBlog : UK National Health Service: locked and loaded for the next 60 years: "The NHS is celebrating its 60 birthday. I pointed out to NHS leaders in both Scotland and England, that like their American managed cared counterparts, they are ideally positioned to lead the world in provisioning health information, medical care and services, but for every citizen in their country, not just to members of a particular hospital or health plan.

Essentially, the NHS is a system that looks very much like a Group Health, Kaiser or UPMC, only very much larger.

The NHS is also a system that now has all the tools and technologies needed to provision information, care, and services using exactly the most appropriate modality; whether in a hospital, clinic, physician's office, patient's home, or 'virtually' on the Internet.

The only limiting factors are perhaps organizational inertia and the challenges associated with changing and modernizing well ingrained cultures and behaviors of clinicians and clinical practice.

Helge: Change management!

I believe the NHS is not only locked and loaded for the next 60 years, but it is in excellent position to lead the world by example in the application and use of information technology to improve the health of all citizens."

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