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NHS Blog Doctor by Dr Crippen

We've been talking about how many doctors do blog in Finand, Scandinavia, UK, Europe. Blogging has been popular in US for a longer time. Corporate blogs aren't a phenomenon in Euroep yet. Blogging has been a geek thing. Today I found this popular blog from UK. I hope the presentation is within the lines for copyright. I'll write a comment on Dr. Grippens blog and ask for permission.

NHS Blog Doctor: "Operations cancelled as NHS runs out of money | Nigel Hawkes, Health Editor.

NHS BLOG DOCTOR is written by Dr Crippen who is a British doctor practising within the NHS. All comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome either at the end of each post, or by direct e-mail.

The articles in NHS BLOG DOCTOR are often of a light hearted nature and must not be used as a basis for medical treatment. Dr Crippen gets a large number of e-mails from the UK and abroad. He is always interested to hear of healthcare experiences, and grateful for any stories, information or even "tip-offs" that you may wish to contribute. Please keep them coming.

• Patients told to wait for routine treatment
• Casualty staff asked to turn people away

a primary care trust in Yorkshire has told hospitals that they will not be paid for some non-essential operations, while patients will not be given a hospital appointment in under eight weeks.

And from North Yorkshire PCT:

No patients will be given a hospital appointment in less than eight weeks, and none admitted for elective surgery unless they have waited a minimum of 12 to 16 weeks. Those treated quicker will not be paid for.

The trust also announced the immediate suspension of treatments for varicose veins, wisdom teeth, X-rays of the back, operations for carpal tunnel syndrome, bunions, arthroscopy of the knee, and grommets for the ear, among others. “We fully appreciate the difficulties that the introduction of these measures entail,'

And finally:

Thousands of doctors qualified to become consultants could face unemployment instead, the NHS says. A leaked copy of the Government’s pay and workforce strategy reveals that by 2011 there will be 3,200 more consultants than there are jobs."


Medical blogging used to be primarily an American phenomenon but then throughout 2006 more and more British medical blogs appeared. Some are not getting the attention they deserve. Dr Crippen wants to do something about that and so he is going to publish a weekly round-up of the best of British Medical Blogs

Please, click on the flag to send your recommendations of any British medically related internet writing that you feel deserves a wider audience to THE BRIT MEDS

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    Helge: Blogging is still a new thing. Corporate blogging is emerging. This CTS blog has been around for four months. We write about a narrow segment in health care. Mediracer is an innovation that has been tested and awarded in UK. This hand-held device could be used for rapid and cost-effective diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The University Hospital in Leicester uses Mediracer successfully.

Founded in 2002 in Oulu, Finland, Mediracer Ltd specialises in medical technology. The company’s core business is the development, manufacture and global sales of Point of Care (POC) diagnostic testing equipment for diseases of the peripheral nervous system. POC analysis equipment makes treatment processes faster and easier, and therefore also extremely cost-efficient.

Mediracer Ltd’s operations are supported by an expanding international network of medical, healthcare and technology partners.

Mediracer is a superior and leading company in the world of research, development and sales for Point of Care Diagnostic devices and services, assisting physicians in their clinical work.

Innovative Mediracer Methods will be Golden Standards in the future.

Winner of a Medical Future Innovation Award
London 2007

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