Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mediracer training at Orthopedic Clinic in Tarto, Estonia

Thanks Veijo Lesonen for your message and pictures from Tarto, Estonia: Orthopedic professionals from the university town of Tarto are in training to learn the use of Mediracer point of care instrument.

Medircacer is a small hand-held unit. General practitioners', nurses, occupational health professionals can use the carpal tunnel diagnostic instrument after a short training.

It's not big like an refrigerator and doesn't cost 40 000 to 50 000 dollars what you have to pay for an ENMG instrument.

Mediracer comes with a much smaller price tag. Telemedical support is available to users who don't have a
Specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology to analyze the results. For details, consult the Mediracer home page

Det är ingen stor apparat. Vi är ju vana vid at en ENMG utrustning har en volym av ett kylskåp och kosta 40 000 - 50 000 €. Medan Mediracer är ett bärbart instrument som kan användas bl.a. ut på fältet.

Tack Veijo Lesonen för bilder från universitetsstaden Tarto, Estland: Specialister från ortopedisk klinik utbildas i användningen av Mediracer "Point of Care" för diagnostik av karpaltunnelsyndromet.

Tervehdys Helge, Virossa Tarton yliopistokaupungissa totuutellaan Mediracerin käyttöön. t. Veijo

From: Lesonen Veijo | Subject: Mediracer

Dear Mare and Peeter, thank you for your time in Tarto. It was very nice to meet you. And Peeter, thank your for the lunch in a charming restaurant. I attach a couple of photos. I hope that we shall have an opportunity to meet again.

Best wishes, Veijo

Veijo Lesonen
Specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology

Managing Director
Mediracer Ltd.
Mobile:+358 40 5535917
Fax:+358 10 400 5011

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