Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mediracer Point of Care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnostic

Veijo, Thanks for the new broschure. To see the English version click the picture. The pdf-format is about 1 Mb. You can read it with an Acrobat reader.

Collaborative Research Begins

During the meeting in November 2005 we demonstrated the possibilities of Mediracer to our English guests as well as Malcom and and Orthopaedic Consultant Timothy Green. They wanted to familiarize themselves in more detail with the suitability of Mediracer in their operations.

This is why we founded the Anglo-Finnish CTS Study Group and convinced the ethical board of Leicester hospital to approve our research plan. The first part of the research was carried out in February 2006 and the follow-up in September 2006.

Helge: Have a great trip to UK. I wish you luck with the new NHS-project! The Bluetooth Mediracer is great. You're really moving into wireless. Mediracer NCS Device (Nerve conduction study), first in the world using BT-technology! Great!

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