Thursday, November 1, 2007

Med School Goes Web 2.0 With Virtual Interactive Physiology software

Helge: I try to figure what kind of software could be used to make a self-diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome. What are you mediracers thinking about the idea? Please, let me have your comments.

Med School Goes Web 2.0 With Virtual Cadavers: "A company called A.D.A.M . has created interactive software that is now required for many med school students, called A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy and Interactive Physiology software.

Having this software is the technological equivalent of carrying a fresh cadaver around in your backpack all day to learn on, without the more gruesome aspects of anatomy class. Sure, it is important for medical students to eventually work with the real thing and not a computer simulation, no matter how realistic it may be.

As it turns out, cadavers are surprisingly difficult to come by, and easy to destroy while learning. It seems the popularity of donating your body to science has waned over the years, and legal problems can often prohibit using undonated cadavers from other sources."

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