Monday, November 19, 2007

Maniacal Rage. Happy Birthday, Arm Head Jerk Pain.

Helge: I continue my journey to the landscape of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in various countries and what kind of professions are vulnerable.

Maniacal Rage. Happy Birthday, Arm Head Jerk Pain.: "I turned 24 today. We spent the weekend in Boston to celebrate Paige's college graduation. I spent most of my 24th birthday driving home from Boston. I'm getting old.

Helge: Not old...but the problem is carpal tunnel...
Also, the problems I've been having with my wrist and elbow the past 5 years have gotten significantly worse lately—so bad that I've been unable to type or use the mouse or open bottles, et cetera without lots of pain in my arm and shoulder—so I'm having trouble doing anything computer related.
I'm typing with one hand, and it's very hard. This entry has taken about 6 minutes so far to type (I won't even mention how many typos I've had to correct (in fact, typing these little notes takes a lot of effort!)).

Helge: X-ray and nerve testing...

I'm going to have x-rays and 'nerve testing' done this week and hopefully then they'll figure out what to do to make it better. Until then, things will be slow around here."

Helge: Did they figure out?

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Unknown said...

I have had jerkiness in my right arm and right part of my head while lying down. This has happened three times. It hurt a very little bit and everything felt normal after. Does anyone know what happened? What should I get tested for?