Monday, November 19, 2007

Flight attendant and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A doctor telling the story: "The other day I was flying across the country and exited the in-flight lavatory to find my flight attendant standing in the back kitchen.

She was holding an ice pack over her wrist. She spontaneously blurted out in explanation, "My carpal tunnel is acting up." She then showed me where she was having pain and tenderness along the tendon of the thumb side of her wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is numbness, tingling pain, and weakness in the thumb, index and middle fingers as a result of irritation of the median nerve being irritated at the wrist."

Helge: I study the awareness about the problem among the general public. The blogosphere is a good search platform. I paint a global picture about various professions where carpal tunnel syndrome seems to appear. Doctors know about it, but it would be good for the individual to understand the problem in an early stage. I also try to figure out the variations of diagnostic methods.

It appears that the general public doesn't have a clear picture about what kind of diagnostic tools are applied. Think about blood pressure or temperature measurements, we know how they are made. Should we tell more about the Mediracer? Should we just limit the information to the health sector and occupational health specialists. What about the patients who might suffer for a long time. Not knowing what to do.

Time to ask questions:

  1. Flight attendants
  2. Waitresses
  3. People who have to carry a lot during a day
  4. In my other blogs today I covered the geeks using computers a lot (like myself)
  5. Journalists
  6. Professional writers
  7. Cello players
  8. Assembly line workers
  9. Last week I realized that barbers and hairdressers are potential CTS victims
  10. Painters
  11. Cleaning personnel
  12. Typists
  13. Carpenters
  14. Musicians

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