Monday, November 19, 2007

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome help is here (Geek News Central)

Helge: I try to understand the cost structure of carpal tunnel syndrome for the patients in various countries. My idea is to read blogs, forum entries, Internet pages, listen to podcasts and watch webcasts about carpal tunnel syndrome. How well is CTS known by people working in various job positions. What kind of advice is given and is there a need for more systematic information about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome diagnostics, treatment and theraphy after surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome help is here (Geek News Central): "I have been suffering from a bad case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I asked for help on my podcast and was pointed to this article. For those of you suffering out their adapting to what this article recommends can be difficult but it will give you some relief. [] Todd.."

Helge: I'd like to find Todd's podcast where he is asking for help. A few minutes later, I guess I've spotted the podcasts. I'll listen and select the one that handles carpal tunnel syndrome...

A very sick geek tonight fighting the flu but the show must go on. These podcasts are from 2005. Here are different formats:

Helge: I was curious about how the carpal tunnel syndrome was covered in the Geek News and podcasts. The above podcasts are long and the carpal tunnel syndrome comes up after a few minutes listening. It's not covered in depths and the link that is given, didn't work for me.

The podcaster spoke about:
  • Fighting carpal tunnel
  • How to get help
  • Show notes will tell about it
  • He said something about Kenny’s method
  • Kenny goes more into detail how to position your keyboard to rest your arms
  • I never had carpal tunnel before, the podcaster says
  • Arms are stretched out in the Kenny's recommended writing position
  • It's good too get a little relieve...

Hey Todd,

Thanks for putting up a wonderful podcast in spite of the flu. Hope you get healthy soon. Mate, you spoke about a link regarding the carpal tunnel stuff. I don't know if I have been really obtuse but I could not find the link on your site. Would you please tell me where to find that link.

Many Thanks,

Here is another story giving some indications about the cost:

By Anonymous | Publication: Workforce | Date: Friday, November 1 2002 |Carpal Tunnel Recovery

I just read "The Carpal Tunnel Conundrum" your September issue and wanted to comment.

I had carpal tunnel surgery on July 3rd. I was back at work (at my desk job) on July 8th (I missed only one work day, since the 4th was a holiday). My hand was in a partial cast (I had use of my fingers and thumb), but I was able to use the mouse, type slowly, write a little, and talk on the phone.

The total surgery cost looks like it's around $2,000. And that included a confirmation from a neurologist that my nerves were damaged.

I've heard from our workers comp people about how many days many of our employees are out. So I asked my surgeon if my case was different from the norm and she said, "No it's an average carpal tunnel procedure." She said some patients just prefer to stay home longer than I did.

Helge: I continue to read about the advice...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I forgot my TypeKey login info so it took me a while to get back over here to post with the correct info. I feel for you and CTS, my Dad has that and it's truly like you describe. Sorry to hear you have it at 24 years old! I found this link, which maybe of some informational help. I hope you can get proper medical treatment and your employer will pay for it.

Best Regards,


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