Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I received a comment to one of my blogs: "PeopleLinkinstaVC supports your business communications demands with the most revolutionary technology. PeopleLink is committed to delivering the industry’s smartest, easy to use and low cost video conferencing products and services to organizations around the world. Our Support and training services will help you get the most from your investment in Desktop Video Conferencing."

Video Conferencing Software & Solutions for Business

PeopleLink is a Video Conferencing Software Solutions and Service Provider in India, offering high definition HD Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions. PeopleLink says it's a pioneer in high definition multi-party video conferencing using a personal computer, with HD quality over converged IP networks.

They offer high definition HD Video Conferencing Solutions for Boardrooms of large enterprises using only one third of bandwidth of comparable solutions. With Professional, Affordable, Secure video conferencing software services, you can virtually meet any one in the world over the internet and not just installed locations. 

As many users can get connected simultaneously equivalent to the number of licenses purchased, irrespective of their location. For example,  purchase 10 licenses, and you can simultaneously connect any of your 10 locations and not just any fixed locations 


Sulakhe's said...

That's really a flexible features provided by the service providers. This can be more helpful to the business houses for exploring their business and interesting part is that they are providing Video Conferencing Solutions to various sectors like government and education sectors.

Seosrija said...

Thanks for showing your interest on Video Conferencing Software. We are ready to provide any kind of service related to Video Conferencing on 24X7 at your affordable price.

Digital Villages said...

I will check them out