Thursday, January 5, 2012

Join Me for Success in 2012?

Hello Helge!!

A few days ago, I wrote you about a group I am starting on the Medical Writing Network.  The purpose is to share 2012 goals, and then track our progress against them, and actually reach them this year.

I'll be your coach with some guidelines, reminders, and gentle nudges once in awhile.  No cost.  Complementary coaching.

I've just posted New Year's Resolutions for our company,
InQuill Medical Communications on the Medical Writing Network. <- Click.

Some Members wrote back saying they wanted to keep their goals private.
That's fine.  Their goals are between them and me, confidentially, and I'll be coaching.

You can share your goals publicly, the way I did for InQuill, or you can share them privately with me by responding to this email.

It's good to get our resolutions in front of us. Even in front of others (if you wish.)  That reminds us and motivates us to achieve our desires. Others help us stay accountable.

Would you like to share your 2012 resolutions and plans with me or others?
Would you like some help sticking to them, with some coaching a couple of times a year? (No cost?)

Click here - Share my 2012 goals, and get me some no cost coaching.

There's no catch here. We're being honest and trustworthy.
We'd love to see your business or career grow. And when yours does, we think we will grow along with you.
This is a WIN-WIN.

This complementary coaching offer expires January 15, 2012. Set your resolutions. Post them on MWN, or email them to me. Let's work together to achieve them.

Hope you are enjoying your first week of  2012, Helge.


Jonathan Marx
Senior Vice President
InQuill Medical Communications, LLC

Medical Writing

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