Saturday, February 14, 2009

Global Health and Healthcare Innovtions

There is an amazing body of work out there about global health. Books, websites, blogs, podcasts, videos – you can learn about any global health topic if you do a little digging. I write about health, wellness and welfare issues in English, Swedish and English.

I'm start to write a new collection of blog posts about global health and medical technology success stories. Hoping this becomes a blog you choose tom come back to when changing the world and adoption of innovation seems hopeless or fruitless.
  1. Innovation doesn't come easy
  2. It takes time to get acceptance
  3. Disruptive innovations are a threat to outdated methods
  4. Cost-saving and better quality are possible with innovative methods
I need to teach myself about health topics, or brush up on something I haven’t thought about in a while.

Any topic I need to know more about is here on the Internet. I can spend hours browsing, checking out about, pulmonary function measurement, carpal tunnel syndrome diagnostic methods, epidemiology, or the future of global health.

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