Friday, January 30, 2009

Industry News | Healthcare Finance News

How will the economic downturn affect the healthcare and wellness sector? Here is an article from USA. I got the information through Twitter and Jonena Relth.
I've been askin Twitter for some times, how many persons are representing the medical, wellness, andhealthcare sector. There seems to be more than I initially expected.

Read more from the Industry News | Healthcare Finance News: "CHICAGO – Despite announcements by hospitals and clinics across the country of budget and job cuts, the overall healthcare employment outlook is still promising, according to an industry forecast.

Seventeen percent of large healthcare employers who responded to's annual healthcare hiring survey indicated that they plan to increase the number of full-time employees in 2009.

Last year, the industry grew by 372,000 jobs.

'Our survey shows that the industry is adding headcount with a steady hiring pace,' said Allison Nawoj, spokeswoman for, an online job site.

Half of those surveyed reported having positions that have remained open because of the inability to find qualified skilled workers, she said.

An upcoming survey will show that nearly 30 percent of survey respondents across all industries will be hiring for information technology positions.

With healthcare poised for growth in 2009 in many nonclinical departments, jobseekers in other industries should consider how they can transfer their skills in management, accounting and other areas, Nawoj said."

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