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Korean Teenagers To Develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Due To Text Messaging

Today I got an idea that we should be taking a closer look at the South Korean market. Mediracer has an office close to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Finland opened a direct flight to Seoul in June 2008. We've

Korean Teenagers To Develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Due To Text Messaging: "Korean Teenagers To Develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Due To Text Messaging. Published 05/4/2007.

Tomi Charity

"Personally, I send no more than five messages a month. This is because I either chat on my laptop with people online or I ring them up for a voice call. I've never really found a need to send text messages, unless I know that the person on the other end won't be able to pick up the phone. And this is why I would never fit in if I were to move to Seoul," writes Tom Charity in Mobile Phones.

Sixty Text Messages a Day

According to a recent study, Korean teenagers aged between 15 and 19 send an average of 60.1 text messages a day. That works out to nearly 2000 text messages a month. What's more, the trend appears to be increasing, because when they got information about 2005, the average was just 59.5 messages per day. Young adults aged between 20 and 24 are less inclined to send text messages, but they still send quite a few, average 30.9 per day (22.6/day in 2005). Text messaging has become such a rampant problem in Korea that "it's not uncommon for people to develop carpal tunnel" syndrome.

Helge: I came to this conclusion a few days ago when I visited the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Olli arrived from Mexico City via Paris. The flight was a few minutes late and I'd the time to read some of the brochures and corporate magazines at the airport. Suddenly an idea struck me. Seoul isn't that far away from us. South Korea is a very industrialized nation. We import cars, electronics, mobile phones, gadgets, large screen tv-displays, components, and materials for Finnish production for 1,1 billion euros. The Finnish export to South Korea is only 600 million euros. What could we do to improve the import-export ratio? Why not export more mediracers!

Susan KN might have some ideas about how to penetrate the South Korean market. I'll write to her and ask what she thinks. We're still in the beginning. There is a need to do much more background research but the industrial structure of Korea clearly indicates that there must be a market for Mediracer.

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