Monday, October 27, 2008

Green Light from professor Mennen

I got e-mail today. There will be one addition to the blog that is quoted below. I'll also copy paste it to the orignial post. It would be nice to get comments to this posting.

Dear Helge,

Professor Mennen is happy for you to use the article on your blog – and would like to add this paragraph to it

“Nerve conduction studies may be helpful only in certain cases of nerve compression syndromes eg. Carpal tunnel syndromes. This is because it has been shown that this type of special investigation unfortunately is not very sensitive and can result in false positive or false negative values. We rely more on high definition sonar , which shows the exact area of compression and it can measure the exact diameter of the nerve as well . Furthermore, sonar can be done ‘dynamically’ ie. by flexing muscles through which a nerve passes, or flexing joints eg. the wrist, kinking of the nerve can be observed accurately.”

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