Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wellsphere publishes a CTS mirror blog

Hello, Wellsphere uses the RSS feed of this blog to publish a mirror blog at Wellsphere. I've agreed with the arrangement as a measure to get more readers for the original blog. Here is an example of how the mirroring works.

Take a look here >>

My profile still says, I'm from California. I'll make the changes during this day and add a photo. Below is a more detailed presentation of Wellsphere.

Wellsphere health blogger network update #4

Hope you’re having a great week! I just wanted to give you a quick update on what we are doing to increase the visibility of your blog posts, the status of the health bloggers network and the pending WS3 release. I’m also excited to announce that we’re busy creating new, personalized badges for you to show off your status as one of the web’s leading health bloggers!
Network Update

I'm delighted to tell you that your network has continued to grow at a remarkable pace, with over 900 of the top health bloggers on the Internet now signed up! Every day we are carefully admitting a few more medical experts, healthcare professionals, and expert health bloggers whom we have hand-selected to participate in the new health communities on Wellsphere.

This week, we welcome the Rudd Center at Yale University to our network. The Rudd Center is a leading health and health policy organization within Yale University that focuses on the problem of obesity, both at the individual and the societal (health policy) level. They’re excited to join the network and share their research with the millions of people that come to Wellsphere each month to learn more about health and healthy living.

What most moves us is the warm feedback we receive from each of you, so I wanted to share some recent quotes from your fellow Health Bloggers:

“I would love to be featured on your site and am really committed to getting awareness for Lupus and the life we lead with it.”

- Molly McCabe [] Lupus:

“I took a look at and am impressed! Yes, I am very interested in your community!

…So - thank you for what you are doing!!!”

- Lynne Eldridge MD, MPH, Cancer prevention

We would like to invite you to recommend your blogger friends, or other bloggers whose postings you like. Though our team is highly selective about whom we offer admission to our network, we promise to give your recommendations a special consideration.
Traffic Report

The number of people reading all of your postings on Wellsphere is increasing at an even faster pace -- we are currently on a rate of more than 2 million people each month! This means that you are participating in one of the top 10 of health websites in the world!
WS3 Release

We are very excited about the upcoming release of the new Wellsphere site (code name WS3). There is a wide array of new functionality in this release, along with more than 100 new health communities. Immediately upon release, WS3 will include your posts in your new health community! We have simplified many navigation features of the site, and worked hard to make it easier for people navigating the site to find and read your postings. We haven't officially announced the release date, but you will be the first ones to see the site before it goes live -- you can expect to hear more details on this early next week.
A Personalized Badge Just for You!

To mark your achievement of helping millions of people improve their health and well being, and being chosen to participate in the health bloggers network, we are preparing a personalized badge for you. This badge highlights you as a top blogger within your community and will help us distinguish you and highlight your postings on Wellsphere . Here is the design for the badge:

In addition to having a badge on Wellsphere, we encourage you to add this badge to your blog, as a mark of achievement and distinction. We'll provide you with the code and very simple instructions for how to do so next week.

For the badge, we will use the photo that is on your profile if you have already uploaded one. If you would rather have a different photo on your badge, or if you haven't uploaded a photo yet, go ahead and upload your favorite photo to your profile. If you prefer, you can also just send us your photo, along with the URL of your logged in profile, and we'll use it to make a badge just for you. Of course, you don't have to have a photo on your badge if you would rather not post your photo online.
Contact Me

I am delighted with all the great feedback I am receiving every week. As always, feel free to continue and contact me any time at my email: or by calling me at (650) 345-2100. Also, feel free to send me items of news or anything else that you think your blogging colleagues in the network might enjoy, and I'll include them in our blogger newsletter. Also, I'm always happy to hear any feedback and suggestions for improvement (don’t hold back!). I'll make every effort to get back to you as soon as I can (please accept my apologies if it takes me a few days to get back to you, because my mailbox is overflowing).

Good health!


Geoffrey W. Rutledge MD, PhD

If you prefer not to receive our exclusive health blogger network updates, please just reply to this e-mail with “Unsubscribe"

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