Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hand Surgery Carpal Tunnel Release

Here is a YouTube video about carpal tunnel surgery and comments from people and patients.

guthixclauus (3 months ago)
my hand is feeling number, and its hard to bend my fingers. My mom says its carpal tunnel. Will I get surgery? And can I stop it from happening before my hand gets bad? Msg me someone...

Helge: We should talk more about early diagnosis and also about alternative treatments.

swtgal125 (3 months ago)
Wow, my hand does feel numb at times, do you think i have this? Please reply...

Helge: Did you visit a doctor? How about nerve conductivity testing?

o2demand (3 months ago)
Excellent clinical audio and video lectures.

Helge: The video is good, yes!

BIGmuzza46 (3 months ago)
CTS does not need surgery in most cases - what is effective is deep tissue massage releasing inflammation from muscle and tendons of the forearm and hand.

Helge: A masseur told me that we should watch our working style. Take a look in the mirror what positions you're taking during your working day. It's not possible for everybody, but computer freaks, barbers, office workers, assembly line workers, welders, etc. can check and adjust accordingly.

Haseeb2 (3 months ago)
The surgery is waste of money and time. Once the surgeon goes in and slices and dices, you'll never be the same. Your hand will never be at 100%.

Helge: The diagnosis should be made before it's too late.

zatch10013 (4 months ago)
Speak for yourself , I'm an advanced guitar player & just had the surgery on my fretting hand. Mine fucking hurt real bad! its getting better but now that i got the green light to start playing again my pinky and ring finger are quite sore & the pain medicine doesn't help. No numbness anymore but its going to take awhile for those two fingers to get solid again, I'm still fast but but when i do legato runs, that pinky feels like it did when i first started playing. But yeah, the surgery hurt bad to me.

Helge: Hope you will be able to play.

nicthekoch (4 months ago)
is it easy to get carpal tunnel for a person who uses a computer a lot a day? (3-4+ hours) and also, does age or gender(im 13, male) affect the risk of getting carpal tunnel? Plz reply :)

Helge: Research doesn't support this, but take care of your work site ergonomics. Take a look in the mirror, how you're positioned in front of your computer. There is a lot of good advice on Internet.

ShunShunRikka6 (3 months ago)
Yes, you will get carpel tunnel if you use the computer a lot. Females are most likely to get it because their carpel tunnel is smaller. I don't know anything about age though. I'm around that same age and I have CTS in both hands. If you value your hands cut down on your computer time!

Helge: It's true what you say about women, but we shouldn't generalize the computer as a cause for carpal tunnel. But I welcome more arguments about this matter.

SpraxIAKS (3 months ago)
Yeah. Though daily exercise and such will help prevent it. As I haven't been doing that, have been getting the symptoms lately. Though just normal things help prevent it. So don't play WoW. You'll get it then. :D

Helge: Good point that "daily exercise and such will help prevent it!"

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