Monday, March 10, 2008

Royal mediracing at University Hospital Leicester, UK

Hi Helge, Princess Anne visiting "CTS One-Stop Clinic" by Blue Sky Orthopaedic (Operating Nurse Malcolm Clarke, Mr Timothy Green and Mr Pankaj Pathak with Mediracer Device, in picture 2778). The patient at the right (see hand and electrodes) is ready for testing with Mediracer.

Blue Sky Orthopaedic Ltd arose as a direct result of the success of the Carpal Tunnel Service set up in Leicester, UK in 1999.

The service, specializing in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was an overwhelming success, leading to interest from other centres that wanted to duplicate the service.

The group of clinicians, Malcom Clarke, Chris Kershaw, Tim Green, Martyn Newey and Pankaj Pathak felt they could offer something unique.

A more formal organisation was required and so Blue Sky Orthopaedic was set up in December 2003, to provide surgical and medical services.
Malcolm wrote 9.3.2008: "Have enclosed some photographs of the recent Royal Visit to Syston. Hope you like them best wishes Malcolm."

Helge: Thanks for the Royal mediracing photos and the information about Blue Sky Orthopedic. I've a photograph of the Carpal Tunnel Surgery that will be covered in my next blog posting.

PS: The mediracer is a new carpal tunnel syndrome testing device. For more information see

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