Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Organizing Mediracer Occupational Health

I've been writing about CTS - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome diagnostics with Mediracer since late September 2007. A part of my blogging has been to search and digg for patients, health care professionals and occupational health personnel comments and advice about the syndrome.

It has been a learning process performed in English, Swedish and Finnish. Understanding the causes of the problem, reading health care blogs, looking into statements from medical professionals around the world.
  1. The problem is global
  2. The diagnostic methods are standardized
  3. A remarkable amount of information is available
  4. How can we communicate the idea that there is a faster and more economical diagnostic method?
  5. How can we get health care professionals to take action?
  6. Are we facing a top down organizational task to get enough mediracing points?
  7. How about patient organizations?
However, for the individual patient, the knowledge about a mobile diagnostic service doesn't help much if we can't motivate e.g. health care professionals to organize the diagnostic service close to patients suffering from CTS and staying in line for months to get their hands diagnosed?

It's not enough to get out with the message. We've to get the Mediracer services to the clinics and health care organizations. Information alone isn't a solution to the problem. How can we accomplish it?

I think, we need to give specific advice on how mobile services have been arranged in Finland, Sweden, UK, Estonia, Denmark.

Building a budget for the Point of Care Mediracer CTS service...
  1. The price of Mediracer
  2. Price of electrodes and consumables
  3. Salary of nurse doing the mediracing
  4. How many CTS diagnostics per hour? and a working day?
  5. How many potential patients should be in the service area?
  6. Telemedical diagnostic support
  7. How is the telemedical diagnostic support organized abroad?
I'll build examples starting from occupational health services... What is your advice? Should we create a small business plan for a regional Mediracer CTS Center?
  • I need new pictures
  • I want to do an on-lien interview
  • Move from the general CTS profiling to specific presentation of Mediracer
  • Blogging about the Features - Advantages - Benefits

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