Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Early diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome

I got mail today from David Castle in response to a question on his blog. David's message is clear. CTS should be diagnosed as early as possible. His hand and wrist problem is work related. As an artist he needs a functional and sensitive hand to do his daily work. Waiting for months to get a diagnosis is not the solution.
Hello Helge - I realize my reply is very delayed, but still wanted to send you a response.

Overall, my hands are both doing very well! All of my previous symptoms are 100% gone - included general pain, numbness of my fingers, hand and wrist, cramping and shooting pain up my arm! I'm an artist (painter) and my day-to-day symptoms caused me to stop working several times an hour and, when doing heavy work, stop working completely after a few hours. In the past when I've done heavy work (such as construction) for a week or two, I'd have to stop working completely for several days to recover. All of this has changed completely and I've found I can work without symptoms or stoppage.

I only have some minor sensitivity at the surgery incision site and think it is slowly going away.

I read your description of your device and think it would be a valuable tool for many people that I know that experience symptoms, but don't know (or don't want to have tests done) if they have CTS. This sounds like it could have helped my find a solution much earlier than I did.

Hope that helps - David.

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