Monday, February 4, 2008

Profiling Mediracer in UK

Google is an effective tool. Mediracer Oy has been promoting this blog in Google Ads and the result shows that the there is a strong visitor stream to CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome blog.

We would like to encourage visitors to comment and ask questions. Mediracer is an innovative tool that would and could help to distribute CTS diagnosis to a more local level.

Occupational health organizations can use Mediracer as a cost-effective portable tool for screening employees before they start to work in assignments that could be stressful for their hands and wrists.

Mediracer replaces ENMG in field studies, it can be used by the general practitioner (GP), the tests can be performed by a nurse trained in the use of the portable instrument.
  • Cost of ENMG study in Finland appr. 250 Euro
  • Cost of Mediracer study 130 Euro

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