Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mediracer CTS blog visitors pattern change

Country Page Views for Map Area for Mediracer: Veijo, we succeeded to get a rapid change. There is a fresh flow of visitors from UK. I'd like to get people to send comments. Have to improve on material that encourages a dialogue.

United Kingdom United Kingdom [50%] We have a pattern change. The US visitors dominance replaced by UK

United States United States [29%] The themes of January have been more UK focused

Finland Finland [4%] I didn't expect such a rapid change

Netherlands Netherlands [3%]

Qatar Qatar [2%]

Ireland Ireland [2%]

Iran Iran [2%]

Sweden Sweden [2%]

Canada Canada [1%]

Singapore Singapore [1%]

Australia Australia [<1%]

Philippines Philippines [<1%]

Belgium Belgium [<1%]

Costa Rica Costa Rica [<1%]

Latvia Latvia [<1%]

Denmark Denmark [<1%]

Portugal Portugal [<1%]

Greece Greece [<1%]

India India [<1%]

New Zealand New Zealand [<1%]

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