Thursday, January 10, 2008

UK NHS Health Care Policy and Mediracer

UK Health Care Policy and guidance

The Department of Health is responsible for setting health and social care policy in England. The Department's work sets standards and drives modernisation across all areas of the NHS, social care and public health. As well as policy documents, this section of the site contains guidance on implementation.

I'm reading this to learn more about the UK National Health Care, how it's organized, how Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnostic Methods are integrated, and how Mediracer and Telemedicine could be used in this context.

Human resources and training

The development and implementation of HR policies is crucial to obtaining and retaining a high performing workforce. The policies need to reflect the strategic objectives of organisations together with recognising the impact of wider demographic, sociological and technological trends and consider the medium and longer-term implications of these.

Therefore the workforce requirements need to be considered strategically and help deliver national priorities as set out in local delivery or business plans. It is essential that there is a clear 'line of sight' between HR practices and the delivery of high quality services.

Of central importance is creating the 'right' culture and developing 'customer' focused values. This section outlines the thinking behind these goals, and explains the various strategies that are helping to achieve them.

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