Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Seesmic and Focus Group Information

Vinvin is on his own in the office again. Loic takes the Bus to Las Vegas for the CES conference.

Loic brings up a question about advertising in Seesmic, some Seesmic users respond. L'Oreal is one of them.

Seesmic is a new videoblogging service. The founder is Loic Le Meur. He is one of Europe's most known bloggers.

He is also a serial entrepreneur know for the Le Web3 conference in France.

Seesmic is his latest start-up and this time on the west coast in United States.

What could we learn from Loic's high-profile Twittering, Seesmic and Conference presentations? Loic and VinVin make small video newscasts about their new company (baby) on a daily basis. Within a certain time frame we might start to do small video CTS broadcasts as well. Why not?

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