Monday, October 8, 2007

Customer relationships with blogs and Web 2.0 tools

Sales Director Andrew Larwood, Product Manager Pasi Karsikas, Companies are leveraging Web 2.0 technologies like Wikis, Blogs and Discussion Boards to have meaningful conversations with their customers.

We're looking into new ways of digital storytelling. Our message is related to how to manage complex communication tasks, build global relationships and find new partners.

We are innovating and creating services that are truly centred around the user and would like to build a dialogue with doctors, nurses, patients and people who like to know more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Point of Care solutions from Mediracer.

We've (Olli Kallion, Irja Kallio and Helge Keitel) been working with Veijo Lesonen to create and launch Mediracer blogs in English, Swedish and Finnish. The basic blogs already up and running. The idea with the blogs is to get the mediracer message out to the world.

The blogs are about medical electronics, CTS, Carpal Tunnel, Point of Care, Medical Innovations, The future of health care and they are written in three languages.
This email is to make you aware about the existence of the mediracing blogs. We're three weeks into experimenting with the content and are closely following how the surfers are approaching the blogs.

It takes some time to create an individual voice in a new field, but we're already experiencing a healthy increase of visitors to the blogs.
  • We would like to interview you and blog about your experiences with Mediracer, the market, users
  • The blogs are providing a continuous news stream about cts, poc, mediracer, diagnostics, hand surgery
Are you using Skype? It would be easier to use skype for the interviews while then we can also chat and write down names and specific things to get them right.

My Skype ID is " visualradio "

The blogs are personal reflections and written in three languages. The language content is personalised to attract readers from respective areas. The names have been selected to hijack important keywords that people use when googling for CTS, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Point of Care and Mediracer.

Important features for the writers and sales people are the statistics, maps that are showing locations of visitors and the routes the surfers used to enter the mediracing blog. Please, let me have your skype ID to get started with interviews.

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