Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Live Blogging of Important Events

This is a short note from TechCrunch40 in San Fransisco: "As the party goes on in downtown San Francisco, a quick wrap up of the first day of the TechCrunch 40 Conference. We live blogged the whole event, and added some great pictures as well. I’ll clean up the typos tomorrow…or the day after."

We've discussed the idea with Olli Kallio to blog the EMG 1987 - 2007 event Live from Oulu. We could do it in Finnish and English. The blogs would spread the information around the globe. The information would be available to Press, partners, the medical community and general public.

Speakers would be profiled with text and photo. Small video clips are also possible. They would be published on YouTube and pictures or Flickr or some other appropriate PhotoSharing site. The idea of this social event blogging would be to let the participants get the reports to their PC's when returning back to work.

The seminar content would be blogged in detail. More about this in our Skype conversation. Have a great day!

Please, find some blogs covering Carpal Tunnel...

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