Friday, October 2, 2009

OLGA Online Guideline Assist

OLGA computer optimized patient care has been in use at the Uniklinik Giessen, Germany, since 2007. The development started at the Frauenhofer Institute and is intended to support the therapy (standard operating procedures) of patients in intensive care units.

One of the objectives is to decrease the bed-time of patients.

I've to look for more information about OLGA and the idea of the program installed into digital assistants.

One hour later: here is more information about OLGA:

Rising cost pressure due to the implementation of the DRG-System and quality assurance lead to an increased use of therapy standards and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in intensive care medicine. The intention of the German Scientific Society supported project "OLGA" (Online Guideline Assist) is to develop a prototype of a knowledge based system supporting physicians of an intensive care unit in recognizing the indication for and selecting a specific guideline or SOP. While the response of the prototype on user entries can be displayed as a signal on the used workstation itself, the location and time for a reminder of scheduled or missed procedures or reactions to imported information is a difficult issue. One possible approach to this task is the display of non acknowledged reminders or recommendations while logging on to a system. The objective of this study is to analyse user behaviour of the physicians working on the surgical intensive care unit to decide whether the login authentication is a sufficient trigger for clinical reminding.

Here is another reference.

Objective  While developing the patient data management system ICUData in close cooperation with the software company (IMESO GmbH, H├╝ttenberg, Germany), a therapeutic guideline assistance system for empiric antimicrobial therapy in ICU (called “Antibiotic Wizard”) could be introduced and integrated into the existing software. After its introduction into clinical routine, the first version was to be tested, checked for usability and compared to other software products with the help of the IsoMetrics s inventory (based on the EN ISO 9241-10 for computer-assisted workflows). 
I'm not sure if they refer to the same thing: OLGA. Need to continue checking.

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