Friday, August 14, 2009

UpCode - Ignite Your Imagination - UpCode Ltd.

I received and email fromUpCode today and plan to learn more about this company active in the fields of:

- Mobile technology
- RFID = Radio Frequency Identification
- NFC = Near Field Communication
- Mobile software solutions
- Upcode is a NFC in itself

Their video explains all about it. Upcode, yes!

UpCode - Ignite Your Imagination - UpCode Ltd.: "UpCode Ltd.

Advanced mobile solutions for professional and personal needs, consumer applications and enterprise solutions.

UpCode Ltd. is developing the system technology (MAI)™, Mobile Access & Interaction, in all its aspects including multi-functionality and different reading/scanning technologies, including RFID type of NFC technology.

All rights (international copyright) belong to UpCode Ltd/ UPC Consulting Ltd. IPR on request. All mobile software and solutions are developed inhouse by UpCode ltd.

Helge: I hope to be able to present the company!

We operate on international scale from our headquarters in Finland (Vaasa and Helsinki) Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Rwanda and London. UpCode has official representatives also around the world."

They seem to be active in the following countries:

o Africa
o The Netherlands
o Hungary
o Iran
o Korea
o Argentina
o Asia
o Austria
o Brazil
o China
o Finland
o Germany
o Latin America
o Middle East
o Sweden
o Switzerland
o Turkey
o UK
o Russia

That's an impressive list for a company I didn't know about before.


Hendriksen said...

To learn more visit us at

Hendriksen said...

To learn more visit us at

Hendriksen said...

To learn more visit us at

Hendriksen said...

UpCode is working in all areas of healthcare and has already provided a Patient Care System in Finland. In the UK similar discussions are taking place with the NHS.

Hendriksen said...

for more information on UpCode go to

Helge Keitel said...

Mark, thanks for your comments. I'll be talking with upcode people next week.