Friday, November 28, 2008

New contacts from Medica 2008

Mediracer was looking for distributors in EU (especially in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Poland countries) and outside EU Switzerland, Norway and Middle East and Canada.

I try to figure out in coming blogs about the results. Waiting for comments from Veijo Lesonen, Seppo Nevalainen and Pasi Karsikas.

Veijo Lesonen wrote a short note over Skype about Medica 2008 and asked me to talk more about the results with Seppo Nevalainen. Veijo was on a work trip to Rovaniemi, Finland. That's at the Polar Circle.

"We had contacts with new partners in above countries, but it takes some time to evaluate the results," Sales Director Seppo Nevalainen told me in Skype chat November 24, 2008.

I've a plan to make a podcast interview with Seppo Nevalainen in December. It would be nice to have a 10 to 20 minute audio about Mediracer 2008 that could be published as a Christmas Greeting.

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