Friday, October 17, 2008

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Blog

There is a movie "I got email." Now this is true for our CTS-blog as well. We've 20 to 40 readers a day for the original blog and the mirror blog in Wellsphere has also readers but I have no statistics for that.

Take a look at the email I received yesterday. I'd actually like to profile The One Stop Clinic in Leicester. Does anyone have video material or could we ask the OSC people to make one. It would be better to tell about those who use Mediracer and the people who have innovated the Blue Sky Orthopaedic One Stop Clinic model for CTS-diagnostics and Hand Surgery.

During the writing process I learn that we're running out of time for this featured video presentation. However, this is a reminder that we've to create stuff that can be sent immediately.

Any ideas? How could we get a video from the BSO people in Leicester for an upcoming request?

Hi Helge,

We are excited to recognize you in our new YES, WE CARE! Campaign that honors everyday heroes, like you, who put themselves on the front lines in the quest for a healthier, happier world by spending their time and putting their hearts and souls into helping others in need. We’re particularly excited to have this chance to honor you, for dedicating your time and writing to help people improve their health and well-being. We've nominated YOU as one of our Everyday Heroes!

As part of the YES, WE CARE! Campaign, we are creating a special video to highlight some of the amazing stories we’ve heard that demonstrate that caring for others is alive and well today all over the world. We would love to include YOUR story in the video! If you would like to send us a short video (cell phone or webcams are just fine!) about what moved you to start your blog, or to share a moving story of caring that you were involved in or heard about, we’d be happy to include it in the video.

You can also interview someone you think is an Everyday Hero, or tell their story. Please keep the length of your video between 20 seconds and 2 minutes. The video can be very casual and definitely does NOT need to be professional or polished - just be yourself!
Please send us the video ASAP, and no later than Sunday, October 19th.

We can't wait to see your videos and are looking forward to recognizing you and other Everyday Heroes you know for your extraordinary contribution to the world!

To submit your video, send us your video as an attachment via email to wecare at If you would like to send a video directly from your cell phone, just email me at Dr.Rutledge at and I'll send you the cell phone number you can send a video-text message to.

Good health!


Geoffrey Rutledge MD, PhD

Chief Medical Information Officer


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