Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't Fish yourself a carpal tunnel during the vacation

It's summer time, vacation time, just when the living is easy.

Found this video showcasing how to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome while fishing.

This video includes the Turboset arm support to support your hand.

The music is also fun. I don't know if this is a serious problem. But if fishers can get it, how about golfers and tennis players?

The nick "FertilityStar" comments the video.

"This Turboset thing looks great!As soon as I start fishing again,I will be ordering one for myself and get one for my Dad. The hook set and pulling up big fish will be easy. My Dad always wanted something like this, but up until now it did not exist. Saw the web site and there is lots of cool stuff there. This old school rap is cool too!!! Made in US is good too."

Any comments to fishers getting carpal tunnel?

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