Sunday, April 13, 2008


InterOpNurse: "InterOpNurse: A Nurse working in the field of Healthcare Information Technology. Chronicling my experiences as I go through the different stages and struggles of software maintenance and implementation. Technology tools for nurses must adapt to their workflow and be configurable and always available. Technology will continue to positively impact nurses, decreasing their workload, helping them deliver proactive care and supplying critical information by unit or hospital-wide. I hope to first hand go through this journey of change as I look for tools designed for and by nurses; a personal journey to see how technology can meets nurses' high needs and expectations."

Hello InterOpNurse, I see that we're connected through Jaiku. Let me tell about a new project where Educational Video has a central role. New things can be done in the blogosphere. Take a look at the open project launch at Digital Villages. More will be told in Jaiku, Twitter and Pownce.

@InterOpNurse, I blogged about you in CTS and would like to make you aware about the new video on-demand project. I made a decision about it today. It has been on my mind for quite some time but I guess this is the day when I finally came down to the decision. This is a long term project and we want to embrace global participants.

I'll ask more people to participate soon...This is an educational project. It's about knowledge transfer. Nothing complex, no rocket-science, but we can save a lot of time and money...

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