Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Forearm and hand problems!!? - Yahoo! Answers

Forearm and hand problems!!? - Yahoo! Answers: "Forearm and hand problems!!?
Lately when i squeeze my hand or open a bottle cap, and i squeeze hard, my hand kind of gets stuck in that position, and then lets go. I dont feel any pain just a wierd sensation like my hand is stuck and i have no control. a couple of seconds after i get full motion. it seems like my forearm plays a big role in this as the sensetation is felt there also. i have no idea what this is and what caused it. if anybody has any clue please let me know."

Helge: This is a service where people can ask questions and get millions of people to answer. "Sounds like carpo-tunnel, i think you should be getting that checked out," writes on that has commented.

Mediracer would be the tool for checking out.

More about CTS at Yahoo Answers

Carpal Tunnel?

I have carpal tunnel, I wanted some ideas on how to help it heal. I really don't want to see a doctor or physical therapist because I feel bad that my parents will have to pay so much money for it. It isn't that severe so I'm hoping I can help it before it gets too bad. If you know any exercises or ways to help it heal, please tell me. Websites are good too. If you have never experienced carpal tunnel or aren't a doctor of some kind, please don't answer this question or at least tell me that you how you know the information, because I don't want to do something wrong and make it worse. Thanks!
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