Monday, February 18, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Surgery - Right Hand First « David Castle Art

Carpal Tunnel Surgery - Right Hand First « David Castle Art: "I’ve not mentioned this to many folks - I’m scheduled to have my first carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand on Wednesday, July 25th (and I’ll have my left hand done in late August or early September). I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous about the whole thing. It is apparently (alledgedly?) pretty routine stuff, but when the surgery center called me today to get all the pre-op information they needed, she did emphasize that “while routine, it IS surgery”. Recovery should be fairly quick, but I’ll be out of my studio until probably next week.

Helge: I find that there are more blogs about CTS surgery and less about diagnostics. How long did David have to wait?

I first started having pain and numbness problems with both hands nearly ten years ago when I still worked as a technology guy. Back then, they believed carpal tunnel was primarily due to work-related activities. Now I’m told it is more likely genetic and NOT related to repetative work (such as computer work). In any case, in the last few years, it has gotten progressively worse. I now have to take short breaks from my painting several times a day to relieve numbness. And, when doing intensive work such as renovating a rental property for two weeks recently, the pain and numbness gets so bad that I have to stop working completely after a few hours.

Helge: Ten years ago! As I worked as a technology guy. Problems caused by work-related activities. Diagnosis doesn't say it was repetitive work such as computer that made it.

So, even though I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing, I hope and pray that it will correct my problem so I can just get on with painting!"

Helge: I'll write to David and ask how things have proceeded. Adding the comment here:

David, I did read your story and wrote a blog about it. You can find it through the link.

How are your hands? I hope the surgery did help you.

Mediracer is a Finnish company that has invented a handheld device point of care diagnostics of CTS. It would be a perfect device for occupational health doctors and nurses to screen out risks at an early stage.

The traditional ENMG is an expensive tool and it takes a neurophyiologist to make the diagnosis. Mediracer in combination with telemedical support would bring the service closer to patients for early detection.

I would like to get your opinion. Wishing you all well.


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