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Massage by Jan » Need a massage?

Helge: Wanted to write about massage therapy in the context of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, diagnostics, operation, healing and treatment.

I will also talk with a local occupational health nurse that works in Loviisa. Trying to figure out the need for Mediracer in a small town with a surrounding 20 000 population.

Massage by Jan is following me on Twitter and I'd like to ask if she came in contact with CTS-patients or clients in her work. She is recently graduated and might give an insight to how she as a therapist faces people with potential CTS.

I'll write more to this post when I've twittered about it with her. Congratulations for the massage license.

Massage by Jan » Need a massage?: "Jan: Licensed Massage Therapist 5:18 am It’s official! After waiting four long weeks, I received my New York State Massage Therapy Licensure Examination results yesterday in the mail.

I actually scored higher than I predicted as well, which was a pleasant surprise. I called all my friends and relatives to tell them the good news and got in touch with a few of my classmates who passed as well.

It’s a very exciting time for everyone, especially those of us who’ve been waiting to get our massage licenses since we graduated back in January.

Jan Wopperer, LMT.
I’m so proud."

She writes, "Many massage therapists bring their chairs into businesses and give massages for a morning or afternoon because it’s a good hands-on way to advertise themselves. Chair massage is a great way to introduce and educate people about massage, and it’s ideal for those who just need to relax and get some quick pain relief in their necks, backs, shoulders and arms. People who are uncomfortable with table massage often enjoy chair massage- it really is a treat, especially at the office!"
Helge: We've a friend in Rovaniemi who is doing this. I've to call him about work related muscle tension and how a therapist might spot a carpal tunnel syndrome.

Massage Techniques

Massage therapy can be a safe and highly beneficial approach for clients with CTS. At the least, massage is an excellent preventive measure that could reduce the advancement of CTS to a more severe stage.

about Jan

Jan Wopperer

Greetings! My name is Jan Wopperer, and I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist.

My schedule is very flexible. I’m available for massage appointments seven days a week between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

Please complete a client form and I will contact you.

My Training

I received my training at The New York Institute of Massage
in Williamsville, NY.

Dr. Jill O'Malley
Courses Taken
Swedish Massage: 108.0 hours
Medical Massage: 108.0 hours
Modalities: 108.0 hours
Shiatsu: 108.0 hours
Anatomy & Physiology: 153.0 hours
Business Management: 18.0 hours
NY State Law: 4.5 hours
Heath & Hygiene: 76.5 hours
Upper Myology: 99.0 hours
Lower Myology: 99.0 hours
Neurology: 54.0 hours
Pathology 1: 54.0 hours
Pathology 2: 54.0 hours
Clinic Terms 1-4: 64 massages, 60 hours awarded

Overall Average: 95.353

Helge: I like the idea of Massage by Jan promoting her new practice with her own blog, using Twitter, Facebook and many other modern and interactive Social Media tools. How about therapists and private clinics in Finland? Scandinavia? Europe?

Her response: Hi this is an automatic email from TwitterMail with some new replies: @digitalvillages of course I'm familiar with CTS. I love to help people who have it as well- it's actually a very simple to treat with MT. jannygirl at 24-10-2007 23:56

Another response:
wow, thanks for blogging about my blog! :c ) looks great on there too. my mom is so proud. Jan Wopperer / jannygirl.

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