Wednesday, October 10, 2007

CTS - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Wrote about the occupational health service program in Nurmo, Finland, on Mediracers Finnisgh blog. The importance of good ergonomics and work site and methods planning was underlined.

Problems occure if we don't take care of our workforce. Big advances could be made through changes in processes and work practices. Doctors and engineers should get together to design better working conditions.

CTS - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME

  • Occurs with repetitive motion of hands & wrists--especially with high force levels.

  • Incidence up to 15% in certain industries.

  • A “natural” keyboard and good wrist support can help most PC users avoid problems.

  • Have dropped over 30% since 1992--which most attribute to strong workplace ergonomics programs.

  1. Use automatic tools for repetitive tasks (screw and bolt tightening).

  2. Eliminate unnecessary tasks / movements by redesigning maintenance procedures and workstations.

  3. Take short, frequent breaks.

  4. Alternate tasks and processes to use different muscle groups Slide
  • Good ergonomic design of tools, processes and furniture DOES improve personnel comfort, health, morale, productivity and readiness.

  • Individual effort as part of a workshop team is the greatest means of identifying / improving workplace ergonomic issues.

  • It’s critical to seek prompt medical aid for symptoms of ergonomic stress / CTDs

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