Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Home PodCamp is a FREE new media UnConference that helps connect people interested in:
  • social networking
  • emerging technologies
  • creative convergent media (music, photography, art, video)
  • newmedia development and startups - podcasting and blogging
Helge: I got the idea that a CTS-Camp could be a great idea. I will work more with the idea and we can do some testing during the EMG 1987 - 2007 Anniversery in Oulu.
Everyone is welcome, regardless of your involvement in new media, as long as you want to learn, share, and grow your knowledge!
  1. WHEN: (open)
  2. WHERE: (open)
  3. COST: CTS-Camp is free to attend
  4. REGISTER: at the CTS-Camp Wiki or email us your information
We look forward to meeting new people, seeing old friends, and exploring the world of social media for Point of Care, CTS - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnostics and Mediracing together.

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